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Mazzarello Media & Arts is an artisan graphic design studio, born from the imaginations of husband and wife team Bryan and Stephanie.

We collaborate with businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, and creatives whose enthusiasm for their trade feeds our creativity and inspires our problem-solving instincts. We also care deeply for social justice and environmental issues, which weighs heavily in our business decisions from ink and paper to the non-profits we support. A new project is like getting our caffeine fix—we get a rush from new opportunities to learn and collaborate. Let us know how we can help take your visual communications to the next level. Learn about our creative services.

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Studio News

Life Chiropractic College West


We are really happy how our event logo design came out for the big 100th Career Night in San Diego for Life Chiropractic College West.
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Things We Like

Inspiration Trip 2013


People ask us how we are able to keep creating year after year. We have a secret. Each year Stephanie and I take time to recharge our creativity by taking an inspiration trip. We immerse ourselves in the language, culture, cuisine and art of each place. When we come home we have several thousand photos and hours of video documentation. It is like oxygen for our creative souls.
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