Since 2012 we have seen the explosive growth of one of the most innovative solar brands in California. Over the years SolarBOS has expanded to more than 65,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space in Livermore, CA, and Grand Rapids, MI. We have designed many catalogs, print ads, and a couple of websites.

SolarBOS was the first to pioneer several important BOS solutions for the solar industry, including the first combiners with integrated disconnects, the first true GFI solution at the recombiner level and the first working AFCI solution for combiners. Many of these solutions are now industry standards.  SolarBOS has supported nearly 8,500 MW of solar projects in North America. Their deep understanding of solar electric systems and high-voltage DC applications coupled with their flexible manufacturing gives SolarBOS's customers the tools to succeed in the ever-changing renewable energy industry.


  • Branding Guidelines
  • Business Cards
  • Print Advertising
  • Catalogs & Data Sheets
  • Photo Art Direction
  • Website & Email Newsletter

Website Design

We designed and built a custom responsive website for SolarBOS. The site features a robust online catalog with a PDF repository for data sheets and product details and installation manuals. The site also features project highlights that have been important to the growth of the company.

Business Card Design

We have designed several versions of business cards over the years. The most recent update includes the newest style guidelines. The back of the card features a clean 1 color version of the logo and domain name. The front has a rotated logo – this company is not the typical solar business.

Print Advertising Design

We have done quite a few print ads for SolarBOS over the years, including a special campaign of full page ads seen in SolarPro magazine. The minimalist ads strike quite a visual break in the busy magazine and break away from standard solar imagery seen in everyone elses ads.


Catalog & Data Sheet Design

We have designed many version of the SolarBOS catalog most commonly seen each year at the largest solar conferences. We always have fun selecting the best images each year and creating a compelling cover that is in sync with the company.

Email Campaign Design

A strong visual brand identity extends even to projects like an email campaign. We custom designed a few MailChimp templates that SolarBOS can udpate on a regular basis for product releases, conference notes or new employee hires.

Photography Art Direction

As we worked on design projects the need became very clear that we needed new photo assets. We introduced SolarBOS to our creative contacts. SolarBOS hired Matt Beardsley to shoot all new photos of the Livermore production facility. Bryan photo art directed the shoots.