We love our beautiful and diverse city. It is a city full of dreams and hope. However, it is also a city that experiences too much pain and violence. Oakland Unite addresses this complex system through Life Coaching, Community Asset Building, Self-Sufficiency and Crisis Response strategies. They have been able to reach the “highest risk” individuals and bring more peace to Oakland's communities.

The Oakland Unite branding process began in autumn of 2011 when the Department of Human Services selected us, to rename and rebrand Measure Y,  a violence prevention program administered through the Oakland Department of Human Services. The new logo and brand needed to reflect the personal and powerful work that they do of interrupting violence as it occurs and preventing future violence.


  • Rebranding of Name

  • Creation of Tagline

  • New logo

  • Branding Guide


Getting Started

The goal was to enhance the efforts of Measure Y in the Oakland community by renaming the program and creating a new logo. We wanted to leverage Measure Y’s assets and attributes, while reflecting the vision and core values. We needed to elevate the visibility and reputation of Measure Y to key audiences:

  • Current and future grant recipients
  • Communities Measure Y serves
  • Oakland citizens unaware of efforts
  • Politicians


Before we began we knew we wanted to hear from grantees of the program. We created a multipart survey that included questions like:

  • Which messages or aspects of Measure Y's work appeal to your clients?
  • What shortcomings exist with the current name?
  • What words or ideas might you want to include in Measure Y's new name and slogan?
  • What three words would your clients use to describe Measure Y's mission and work?


After gathering and reflecting on the data, we were asked to lead a brainstorming session with several Department of Human Services staff, city officials, grantees, and members of the community.

Honing the Message

Later, we presented over 40 names and 20 taglines. We went through several rounds of edits and the final name and tagline was selected, Oakland Unite: One City, One Peace, One Future.

Designing the Logo

  • Typography development
  • 3 design themes
  • 3-5 variations per theme
  • 2 rounds of design revisions
  • Color palette development

Branding Guide

We crafted a branding guide to ensure standards could be easily followed in future collateral pieces by the city and grantee organizations.