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Company: Project Peace

Project Overview: logo, design, illustration, photography

Project Details

Project Peace creates partnerships that work together for just and sustainable communities in Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas. They partner with other nonprofit organizations, for profit corporations, social service providers, and government agencies in order to create a network that works for the betterment of our East Bay communities and cities. They wanted posters and cards that would advertise events that they were organizing for the community.

For their FilmFest we created a hand painted logo and illustration of hands contributing to what goes on the screen. The Day of Peace logo incorporates a branch from the oak tree found in their logo and the lighter versions of the Project Peace color palette. Battle of the Salsa Bands brings vibrant colors and hand drawn notes together with trumpets letting the music flow all around. We made sure that all of the designs were able to connect to our original vision of their logo and identity.

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