Concert T-Shirts

Company: Various

Project Overview: illustration, design, vector art

Project Details

MercyMe is a contemporary band founded in Greenville, Texas that has won numerous Dove Awards and had various Grammy Award nominations. They conducted the Rock and Worship Roadshow tour in partnership with Compassion International and Imagine A Cure in order to raise money to help kids with diabetes and people with medical needs around the world. They needed shirts with designs of their upcoming album, fan favorite songs and the tour itself.

The shirts were created to be fun and full of exciting color. For the general MercyMe and song specific shirts, we used a lot of our original illustrations. The birds, complex line art, flying heart and imagine typeface were drawings that Stephanie created. The album shirts were created with simple 2 color illustrations from photographs taken for the album. For the tour shirts, we took the logo that The Rock and Worship Roadshow had created, and played with the type through blocking it and combining it with other illustration

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