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Company: Christ Church

Project Overview: logo, design, photography

Project Details

Christ Church is a church for the city located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. They are a worshipping community that seeks to announce and embody the story of Jesus that brings about changed lives, social healing, and cultural renewal in Berkeley and Oakland, and through these, the world. They needed documents to share what current teaching series is about, invitations and their vision for what someone new to the church should be able to experience.

For the teaching documents we took the images that were developed to be seen at a service and on their website, and created strong cover images. The content itself was laid out in a simple two column grid with room for quotes to be placed either inside a column or across both. The Curious? invitation was intended to let people know that the event was a place for conversation with the text flowing freely across the front. The newcomer documents include our original illustrations, enabling people to be able to really see what the church is hoping they can share.

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