The Crown


British television has been steadily improving over the years in production value, acting and storytelling. They especially have a good handle on the dark and broody crime dramas. From Sherlock to Luther to Broadchurch, the Brits have taken us to the edge of our seat (and caused too many sleepless nights). However one of their more recent exports is riveting in an entirely different way.

"The Crown" is a biographical drama at its best. While I enjoy a good biographical film or series, they do not typically stir deep interest in me. I honestly have never been that fascinated by the Monarchy or Queen Elizabeth. I remember the drama of Diana and Charles, but only because mothers across America (including my own) were staring at magazine covers in supermarket aisles. I watched "The Queen" and "The King's Speech", the main performers shone in both films, but I wasn't truly moved.

So I can honestly claim that only "The Crown" has stirred a deep fascination in the British Monarchy and its 20th Century History. The visuals are striking, the performances are riveting, and the music is stunning. I find myself longing for a gallop in the British countryside or a brisk walk down London's bustling streets. It is excellent in every sense of the word.

Watch it. Love it. But don't binge on it. Season 2 came out recently, and I am saving it for our Christmas break. I plan to enjoy it like a good wine or dark chocolate because once I have finished it, I know I will wish it wasn't over.