On Persephone’s Island


“On Persephone’s Island” by Mary Taylor Simeti is a new part of our morning ritual. Bryan makes the coffee (Illy of course) and our caffeine is joined by the stories, memories and history of the island of Sicily.

Bryan’s family immigrated from Sicily in the early 1900’s, but he has always felt connected to the land, language and people. This beautiful island with a complex cultural history called to him, and now it calls to me. We dream of the sea, land and sky, and anticipate our next trip to our other home. 

Until we can see and feel it in person, we read the stories of a woman who went there as a young adult and stayed for over twenty years. She presents a complex and visceral 1980’s Sicily, and the stories of Easter celebrations are especially moving. She also helps us to realize the challenges of a new language and culture, something we often underestimate, but hope to experience firsthand someday.