Italy is full of beautiful food, wine, objects, people and experiences. Over the years we have wondered at the texture of fresh pasta, been wooed by Sangiovese, fallen for red Vespas, taken pictures of striking couples strolling down the street and enjoyed the moments of a perfect day with locals. Italy knows how to do simple things well, and the Bialetti moka pot is a perfect example of beautiful simplicity.

We bought our first moka pot over 10 years ago. Our morning ritual revolves around it: fill water up to the line, spoon in the Illy, a few twists, the perfect stovetop flame, the faint sound of percolating, and an aroma that makes you smile. It turns everyone into a barista. Whip up some hot milk and you have your own cappuccino. Need an afternoon pick-me-up, no need to go out to a coffee shop, a homemade espresso will do just fine. 

A few essential words of wisdom regarding the moka pot:

  1. Do not wash it with soap.

  2. Use it everyday. (If it has been awhile, throw out the first pot, even though it feels wasteful.)
  3. The first bit that comes out is the best. (Toss the last watery percolations, they aren't worth the caffeine.)

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