Celebrating 9 years in Oakland

We have served over 130 clients since 2009!

This month our design studio, Mazzarello Media & Arts, hit a milestone of 9 years of business in Oakland! Stephanie and I had to have been crazy to leave our awesome and secure day jobs during one of the United States' worst economic times. But we had a dream and we saw the potential of working together as husband and wife.

When we married in 2002, we knew right away that we are stronger as a team than as individuals. We rediscovered that two heads are better than one when we began working together on freelance projects. We understood each other's weaknesses and strengths, and communicated easily. After years of working as in-house designers by day and freelancing by night, we saw clearly that we could have a more sustainable lifestyle if we went full-time with Mazzarello Media and Arts. In December of 2008 we moved back to California and planted our personal and professional roots in Oakland.

Since taking Mazzarello Media & Arts full time, we have been blessed to serve over 130 dreamers and change makers. We have loved working with a wide range of companies and organizations in public health, retail brands, environmental organizations, social justice organizations, faith communities, and education non-profits!

Grazie mille!