Very Merry

December 1, 2010 by bryan

Very Merry

We love making gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions; it is a way for us to be able to show those that we love how much we care. 

Over the years we have given photography, paintings, poetry and other handmade presents to those that we hold dear. Often there isn't enough time to make something for everyone special in our lives, so this year we decided to create a bunch of wallpapers  that are inspired by and for those that have impacted our lives. 

These are our gifts to family, friends and clients who have brought joy and energy into our lives. We hope that these little pieces of creativity can bring a smile to your face, help you to dream or just make it more enjoyable as you sit your computer this season.

Download the full size wallpaper (1900 x 1200px)


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