Our Prague Experience

November 7, 2012 by steph


When walking around Prague, we kept on saying how much it felt like a movie set for a beautiful historical drama that is full of charming and striking architecture…and then we stumbled across an actual Hollywood action film in progress! It turns out we weren’t the only people recognizing Prague’s cinematic nature. We only wish that we had set aside more time on our trip to explore this magical place with a very creative vibe.


Museums and Sights

Dox Center for Contemporary Art

This large modern gallery, formerly a factory, has changing exhibitions and was one of our favorite experiences interacting with art on this trip. In addition to spectacular work from national icon, Karel Nepraš (sculptural and graphic art), Čestmír Suška (sculptural objects), and Veronika Psotková (sculptural objects), we were able to enjoy a very special and rare early screening of the documnetary, Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present. It was a very memorable day for us, full of incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking work.

Learn more about the artist Karel Nepraš.

Learn more about the artist Čestmír Suška.

Learn more about the artist Veronika Psotkov.

Learn more about the film Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present.

Veletrzni Palace

This museum houses a permanent exhibition of 20th and 21st century art as well as temporary exhibitions. The architecture and collection were very interesting, but we were especially in love with the temporary exhibitions. The Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha depicts a stylized history of the Slavic people and is impressive in both scale and technique, while Brazilian artist, Amalia Giacomini’s linear driven work focused on the presence of space and boundaries.

Learn more about Alfons Mucha - The Slav Epic.

Learn more about the artist Amalia Giacomini.


Food and Drink


It may have been a bit too smoky in Lokal, but the food was delicious and the beer even better. The interior was very fun, our waiter was extremely helpful and we appreciated the bartenders attention to keeping everything tidy and shiny.


The kitchen was closed when we arrived (bummer), but we were able to enjoy Czech beer in a festive and thoughtfully designed place. By the way, the beer in this country really is spectacular, the rumors were not exaggerated.



Cafe Louvre

We came for the historically beautiful interior and a coffee break, but once we sat down we decided a meal was in order. Bryan was excited to try out the Czech style goulash in hopes that he would be reminded of his childhood. It turns out American goulash is very Americanized (surprise), and Czech goulash is very tasty. Also, we fell in love with dumplings...we are thinking a winter dumpling party could be a lot of fun.

Kavárna Obecní dum

This Art Nouveau cafe is truly beautiful, and despite coffee that was just okay, we enjoyed the views and experience. We especially loved touring around the Municipal house afterwards and taking in all of the details.



Boat Hotel Matylda

A hotel on a boat with doors that open onto the Vltava river; this hotel was a perfect fit to the magical city of Prague. We watched a stunning sunset, woke up to swans outside our door and loved walking back along the river at the end of a full day. The staff was helpful, the breakfasts were good and we even enjoyed a nice Italian dinner in their restaurant.

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