A Necessary Interruption

September 16, 2011 by bryan

Paris Metro

As a graphic design studio and a married couple that pretty much spends 24/7 together we found it was important to build a necessary interruption into the rhythm of our lives. That break serves as a milestone in our year and allows us to focus on a goal and build momentum towards it. 

Rather than have our time be marked by the fiscal year or chronological year, we measure time by these times of reflection and refueling. we don’t know what this will look like for us in 5 years but for the last decade we have spent these breaks refueling and devouring creative inspiration while traveling.
As professional creatives we have found it to be important that we refuel ourselves with inspiration. That time of refueling and inspiration refills our creative tanks that we draw from each and every day for our clients. We first do this on a micro level by working Monday through Thursday and reserving Fridays for reading design magazines like HOW and Communication Arts, hikes in the redwoods and visits to museums. We hold memberships at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Oakland Museum of California.
On a more grand level each year we set aside 2-5 weeks to travel abroad. Why travel? Why not something else? When we travel something amazing happens. Our eyes are opened, our minds expanded and we dream greater than we had before. We then can draw from the inspiration throughout the rest of the year.
Travel exposes us to many forms of creativity that touch all our senses. 
  • Languages are very stimulating to our ears, mouth, and mind.
  • Signage, art, and architecture are very stimulating to our eyes. 
  • Food stimulates our palate.
Here are some highlights from the last 2 years:
  • Swimming in the Tyrannian Sea of the north coast of Sicliy
  • Viewing the The Caixa Forum Museum in Madrid
  • Evening vespers at Christ Church Oxford
  • Fica (afternoon coffee and pastries) in Stockholm gardens
  • Wandering the passages of the Paris Metro
  • Evening sunset view from Lisbon’s hilltop Castelo de São Jorge 
  • Dazzling ceiling and windows in Barcelona’s Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
  • Majestic beauty of Cordoba’s Alcazar
  • Visiting the Mazzarello cemetery in Naso, Sicily
  • Taking a boat through Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront in Copenhagen.
This year we look forward to our inspiration trip to northern Italy.
  • The plan is to stay 5 nights with my cugina Sylvie at Acetia Leonardi, a 5th generation balsamic vinegar estate in Modena, Emigla-Romana, land of Ferrari and Masarati, Parmesan cheese, and Ragu alla Bolognese. 
  • Then off to the Veneto to explore the crumbling walls and wander the canals of Venice where we hope to photograph about 4GB of ancient textures. 
  • From there we head to “fair Verona”, to see its artistic delights and witness the majesty of the ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans. The city has been awarded world heritage site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture. 
  • Lastly, we will go to Milan, the capital of Lombardy and the commercial capital of Italy. Not only will we get to see Leonardo Da Venci’s The Last Supper, but we will also be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary in Milan.
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