Several years ago, we had the pleasure of working with ACPHD on a new initiative. After the success of the initial project, we continued to partner with them on initiatives over the years, and consider it an honor to support ACPHD's desire to see an Alameda County full of healthy people and thriving communities. 

We have been inspired by their passions, listened to their needs, heard stories of their communities and worked to create brand identities for multiple new initiatives. By sharing their desires and hopefulness with us, we have been able to interpret the message of growth and health through visual design. These changemakers are patient, passionate and persistent in their desire to see every age, race, gender flourish as individuals and as a community. They inspire us. They inspire our work. They are the reason we do what we do.


  • Alameda County Care Connect
  • Best Babies Zone
  • Building Blocks Collaborative
  • Building Blocks for Health Equity Unit
  • Health Equity & Resources Advocates
  • Innovations in Reentry

Alameda County Care Connect

AC Care Connect is an ambitious and innovative program that aims to improve health outcomes for the homeless and other high utilizers of health care services while reducing avoidable costs.

Best Babies Zone

The Best Babies Zone Initiative is an innovative, multi-sector approach to reducing infant mortality and racial disparities in birth outcomes and improving birth and health outcomes by mobilizing communities.

Building Block Collaborative

The Alameda County Building Blocks Collaborative brings together people with the ideas, the connections and the skills we need to create conditions where every child – in every neighborhood – can thrive.

Building Blocks for Health Equity

Bringing together people with the ideas, connections, and skills to create conditions where all children have a fair chance at a healthy and fulfilling life – by addressing the root causes of health inequities.


Health Equity & Resources Advocates

HERA is developing client-focused solutions with our home visitors, to address the social factors that impact the health of the pregnant women, fathers and families with young children who are receiving Alameda County health services.


Project IMPACT's (Improving and Measuring HCSA’s Performance, Accountability, and Collective ImpacT) goal is to instill a system and a culture of accountability emphasizing transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes that improve the health of Alameda County residents.

Innovations in Reentry

Innovations In Reentry (IIR) is a pilot grant program designed to spur innovative, creative ideas for addressing the needs of the adult reentry population. The fund will award grants to support community-based projects that contribute to reducing adult recidivism in Alameda County.