Design you can touch.

There is nothing quite like holding a well-designed printed piece, especially if it is yours. We still get excited the first time we get our hands on a print piece we designed. Each print project is our opportunity to take ideas and translate them into a tangible and useful marketing piece that you will love. From postcards to signage and brochures to posters, we get more energy from a print project than our morning espresso.
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Salesheet & Overview


We created template standards for a salesheet and project overview for Code REDD to help them articulate their message more effectively.
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Briefing Paper

Sustainability Funders

Create a stunning presentation from a 9 page Word doc briefing paper.
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Booklet Cover & Poster

NorCal Solar

Create a compelling cover for the 9th Edition of the Solar Energy Resource Guide.
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Abiding Roots Brochure

Christ Church

We created an original illustration reflecting their desire to plant deep roots in the East Bay, incorporating the color palette we had created for them along with a warm orange and earthy green.
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Season Tickets Brochure

Oakland Athletics

We took the A's original concept and created a brochure that would allow people to experience the stadium, while being easy to read and process.
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Promotional Cards


Promotional pieces can be brochures, postcards or anything else that will tell a little bit about a company or organization and leave a good impression. All of these pieces show that while we value good design, we also strongly believe that content should be priorized. A piece should thoroughly express what is trying to be said, allowing people to know what to read and how to read it.
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Business Cards


We create cards that tell our clients stories. Each of these cards are unique to who they are and what they do. Logo, color and layout are crucial, and we believe strongly that the be equally beautiful and usable.
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Steadfast Make My Heart CD

Christ Church and Jeff Rolka

We went with the hopeful colors of teal and gold, referencing a stained glass window in the design. The illustration was taken from a portion of a painting that we made with this project in mind.
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Celebration Newsletter

Breakthrough Collaborative

It was important to reflect their place in education, but still maintain a sense of maturity in the design. We took their existing color palette and look, and created a thorough and beautiful magazine brochure that would share their story.
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Project Peace Materials

Project Peace

For their FilmFest we created a hand painted logo and illustration of hands contributing to what goes on the screen. The Day of Peace logo incorporates a branch from the oak tree found in their logo and the lighter versions of the Project Peace color palette.
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Concert T-Shirts


The shirts were created to be fun and full of exciting color. For the general MercyMe and song specific shirts, we used a lot of our original illustrations. The birds, complex line art, flying heart and imagine typeface were drawings that Stephanie created.
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Team In Training Cookbook

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

We used the logo and colors of Team and Training, and created some of our own logos for the different sections found throughout the book. Since this book was all about usability and usefulness, we made sure there was clean hierarchy, distinctions of sections and let the stories do the talking.
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T-Shirt Designs


All of these shirts contain our own artwork, a sense of playfulness and our love of fun and vibrant color. They are full of organic elements and repeated images, things that are often found in our work.
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Trigger DVD Covers

Youth Specialties

We decided that a hand drawn look of notes about each volume would be a fun way to show the process of thinking about all of the ideas the videos were exploring. For each volume we created a specific drawing that reflected the ideas found on that disc.
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Christ Church Materials

Christ Church

For the teaching documents we took the images that were developed to be seen at a service and on their website, and created strong cover images. The content itself was laid out in a simple two column grid with room for quotes to be placed either inside a column or across both.
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