Marvelous mediterranean in maxwell park

Listed: $649,000. Sold: $875,000

3015 55th Avenue Oakland, California

Words and detail pics by Stephanie Mazzarello. Photography by Peter Lyons Photography.

Listed by Anita Becker and Maria Cavallo-Merrion, Compass

As seen on Curbed SF: Oakland Mediterranean, practically perfect, asks $649K

first impression

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This home features beautiful mediterranean details around every corner, including the original rambling brick facade and archways. The warm and bright white is reminiscent of the Mediterranean Revival homes in Los Angeles, the villages of Greece or the town of Ostuni in Italy. A home that feels like a vacation all year long. The plants in the drought tolerant garden keep the butterflies dancing, the bees buzzing and water usage to a minimum…everybody wins.

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Living Room

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Original doorbell chimes and wood-burning fireplace speak to the designers’ desire to retain this home’s 1939 charm. The dark wood floors and bright white walls bring a sense of modernity. This is a true marriage of the past and present. Charming and open. Vintage and modern. A room to read the morning news or warm up on a cold winter night.

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Dining Room

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The spacious formal dining room is framed by mediterranean shaped archways and 1930’s art deco inspired stairwell. It is the perfect room to enjoy a thoughtful conversation over a glass of red wine and homemade lasagna al forno.

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Breakfast Nook

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A cozy and bright space to have a morning capuccino or an afternoon snack before homework. The glass knobs and milk glass light fixtures are the designers’ nod to all the charming breakfast nooks they have loved over the years.

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A bright and functional kitchen with new appliances and plenty of work space to make homemade pizza or fresh biscotti. The open cabinets can display special family heirlooms, while plenty of space remains to hide the everyday necessities.

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Master Bedroom

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The master bedroom is more spacious than the typical from this era. With light from 3 sides and views of the backyard oasis, it is a wonderful place to wake up each morning. The window in the walk-in closet provides great natural light to put together an outfit for the day. As bedtime approaches, the location at the back of the house provides the quiet needed to read a book before sleeping soundly through the night.

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Main Bathroom

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This airy bathroom feels like a day at the spa. The minimal matte black and white color palette is warmed by the brushed brass and douglas fir details. The designer light fixture is a playful reminder of the hexagon tiles below, while the custom drawer fronts connect the bathroom to the hardwood floors found throughout the house. This relaxing space is a great place to start and end the day. Breathe out the stress. Breathe in the calm.


Kid’s Bedroom

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A playful room for kids (or the grown up kid in all of us) that is filled with a cheerfully beautiful blue. It is a reminder to embrace the joy of color. With views of the neighbor’s citrus and a imaginative closet nook, this room provides a space to dream, create and grow. What Star Wars, LEGO or 49er fan wouldn’t want to call this room home?

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Guestroom & Office

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This large and creative space is the definition of multipurpose. It makes a fabulous home office, craft area, guest room and place to be rowdy when throwing a party. The beautiful reclaimed wraparound shelving gives nosy cats a perfect walkway to peek out windows. While the nook’s built in storage is great for those dreaded tax documents, it also provides plenty of space for a growing wine collection. There should always be room for function and fun.

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A little loo that’s as cute as a button. The coral wall brightens every day and puts a smile on the face of the grouchiest of grouches. When spaces are small, it is time to get creative and maybe a little luxurious. The hanging storage provides room for the necessities and some life giving plants, while the hexagon carrara marble flooring brings a bit of “la dolce vita”. Because…why not?

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This pristine attached garage has a designated laundry space and ample storage. It is clean and simple, the kind of garage that will get rid of any hoarding tendencies and bring out an inner Marie Kondo. But it is also a garage. So get out the power tools and begin working on on a passion project. Saw it. Sand it. Build it. And with the immediate access to the front yard, back yard and house it is easy to bring in the items from the car, grab a cool drink and take a break before getting back to work on that beautiful custom bench. Or start a garage band with some of the neighbors. There is a bass player and a drummer just down the block.


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Call it a casetta or a casita, the name doesn’t matter, all that matters is how relaxing it feels inside. It is the perfect place for California indoor/outdoor living. Play games. Drink margaritas. Take a nap. The double sliding glass doors are ideal for enjoying the garden, while staying out of the sun. It is equally wonderful on those rainy days, where a cup of tea and the pitter patter of rain above is just what is needed to feel rejuvenated. This light and bright space will definitely solidify that vacation vibe. Maybe Italy? Spain? Mexico? But no flight is necessary. Just come home.

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Backyard Garden

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This backyard features Mediterranean and California native plants, an outdoor fireplace/oven, flagstone flooring and a sense of serenity. The baby citrus trees produce meyer lemons and limes that make fresh salads and guacamole come to life. This is the place where friends and family come to have a good time. Maybe an al fresco dinner? An outdoor movie? Dancing under the stars? Warming by the fire before the night is over? The options are endless.

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Bringing to mind Mediterranean Revival homes in Los Angeles, it still features period details like curved recessed ceilings, built-ins, a floor-to-ceiling picture window, a wood-burning fireplace, and original hardwood flooring.
— Brock Keeling, Curbed SF